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Harnessing the Power of Decentralization

for Unmatched Security Across the Web

Human-centric network for key management

Security Labs is building a modular L2 network that plug-and-plays with any wallet on any chain making crypto UX accessible to the masses all while removing compliance requirements for wallets.



sLabs network is compatible by design, part-by-part, with web3 and web2 ecosystems alike: Agnostic to chain, agnostic to authentication factors, agnostic to your security needs.


Decentralized Security

Decentralization at scale enables a new world of security: Our network becomes impenetrable as its size grows and as more wallets are being protected, camouflaging their structure.


Mixing Layer

Our network protects private keys by dispersing its shards untraceably amidst a sea of traffic-mixing random paths, requiring zero-trust.

Want to retrieve? Our mixing can be securely inverted only by your chosen familiar authentication factors.   

Network Components

Building the 1st DePIN network for

decentralized security

Security at Scale


Unique Wallets


Supported Chains


Composable Identities with



Distributed Rewards

Store and retrieve keys through our decentralized network

Forget about

seed phrases

Only you, no one else can access your keys

Sole Custody

No matter where you are, access your keys with ease.

Universal Access

Security isn't a feature.It's our foundation

Modular Stack

Become an early light node

light node rewards

Sign-up as an early node and exclusive access​​:

  • Guaranteed access to become a node

  • Airdrop rewards

  • NFT badge of early adopter

  • Early access to our testnets and mainnet launches.

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